We get asked a lot why we ship with DPD so let me tell you why!

1- Electricity.

In Ireland, the first electric package delivery depot was able to open its doors at the end of April 2019 in Dublin's Docklands park.

This is an electrical sheet that will serve within the Dublin centre to provide a delivery solution within the final mile to consumers in this area. Understand all types of vehicles and all sizes, regardless of whether they are small or Paxters, with the size so versatile so that movement is easy.

The goal is to make Dublin a cleaner city, along with the ability to deliver packages as needed.

We only have one Earth that we can call home. For this reason, it is important to commit to fighting climate change with package deliveries. We measured with the utmost precision the carbon footprint per plot that we have to reduce it in the possible ways and compensate as much as possible for those remaining emissions thanks to the fact that we finance projects in favour of clean energy around the world.

2- Smart delivery, a future with zero emissions.

Urban delivery is very important, as it comes from DPD Ireland, as the first carrier to be able to offer customers good communication regarding the delivery deadline. Efficiency in terms of operations is being driven by technological solutions that are innovative as a good service, the commitment will be visible with the electric and storage fleet. To achieve zero emissions, we have fleets with vehicles that do not emit naa and we provide solutions with innovative deliveries to reduce these emissions to the maximum.

3- Innovative entrepreneurship.

Brilliant ideas will keep us going. Thus, we encourage the spirit of innovation to help us grow as a good business, to help workers grow in skills, especially to help everyone in the world solve problems and social challenges and innovate to have a positive change. . We are going to do all of this to stimulate employee innovation.

Thus, we share our experience so that local companies can go forward. We have a total of 400 collection points. You can put a local store with late hours, where we will leave your pickup package. This will maximize the influx of the public in the store, along with the collection point for your package and that they opt for this possibility, to go shopping there on the way.


In conclusion, we have a transport company that is dedicated to delivering packages through the centre of Dublin using vehicles with minimal emissions. Something that they are in charge of alleviating from time to time and helping other projects to support actions against climate change. They offer you the option of you can pick up your order at any collection point attached to them and that is close to your home, to support the local economy.


With a commitment to more Sustainable transport within the rest o Ireland and a green first approach for the future we can't help but partner with an innovative company! 


Eoin Mc Guinness

Managing Director of Crann.co