If you’re looking into slow fashion and want to become a sustainable fashion consumer, but don’t know where to start, then I hope the following ideas help!


1)  ‘Shop your own wardrobe’

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The most sustainable way to achieve an eco wardrobe is to first and foremost keep the clothes you have! If you have fast fashion garments in your wardrobe, unless they are tattered or you no longer wear them, there is no point in getting rid of them.


I would recommend decluttering your wardrobe to establish which items of clothing you will keep and which you will dispose of sustainably. If there are pieces of clothing you no longer like or wear, you could donate them to charity shops or sell them on depop or another second hand app! Giving to charity can be more convenient, however, since sometimes it can take months until your clothes are sold online and until then they take up space in your home. If a friend or family member of yours likes the clothes you’re considering donating or selling, you could always give them to them instead!


I find decluttering is so helpful, as it helps me reorganise my closet and work out which items of clothing I actually wear and need. I like to keep the items of clothing I wear most and the ones which are most versatile, since I can wear them with lots of different outfit combinations.


If you find that you own a lot of occasionwear, which you rarely wear, but don’t want to get rid of, you may find that in future, renting clothes is a more sustainable way to enjoy these items. Renting can actually be cheaper and more eco conscious, if you plan to wear a designer piece for a special occasion, but don’t need it for a long period of time.


2) Go thrifting



If you want to build a sustainable closet, a good place to start would be thrifting. I love visiting charity shops to find the best deals and, sometimes, some very special pieces! I have bought designer clothes from charity shops before, for a fraction of the price if bought new. If you go thrifting, you can find some great pre-loved clothes or accessories for your wardrobe, which will help transform it into an eco-friendly closet!


I also recommend using second hand resell apps. I love vinted, depop and ebay, but there are many others! If you don’t have the time to go thrifting or instead, you are looking for a particular item, you can usually find it on an app for pre-loved clothes. These clothes are also cheaper than if bought new and are usually in very good condition.

  1. 3) Shop from eco conscious brands 

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Eco businesses help the planet by using only environmentally friendly premium materials and by paying workers fair wages. Now there are so many great eco businesses, so you are spoiled for choice!


There are many slow fashion businesses for clothes, but also for eco accessories too.

Crann uses 100% recycled plastic and wood, which would otherwise go to landfill, and transforms it into sunglasses and watches to last a lifetime.


These are a few suggestions for curating a slow fashion wardrobe!


 Do you have a sustainable closet?





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