Have you noticed summer temperatures have been increasing steadily for the past few years?

It’s not unusual for summer temperatures to increase year on year as a direct effect of mass burning of fossil fuels, yet this summer has been one of the most severe and alarming. With June being noted as the hottest month on record globally, Europe reporting heatwaves and Greek wildfires and Death Valley in America experiencing soaring temperatures of higher than 50 degrees Celsius.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that scientists predict that temperatures will continue to increase every year should climate action from countries and organisations remain too small to make a substantial difference.  

So, with warmer weather here to stay, here are some of my top tips for protecting yourself from the sun:


Wear sun cream:

Man applying sun cream on a womans back while in holidays-2

Did you know, signs of photodamage begin in your early teens and twenties? That’s why it is so important to start wearing sun cream now, regardless of your age.

In the summer and on holiday, always ensure you wear sun cream as otherwise, the sun will damage your skin with UV rays. Always make sure to also buy an SPF 45 or 50 if possible, as with the summer temperatures being so unpredictable, it is better to have the maximum protection.

Although it sounds obvious to wear sun cream in the summer and when it’s hot, you may find that with increasing temperatures you will benefit from wearing an SPF every day and including it in your skincare routine. This will ensure that you are protected from the various effects of sun damage, such as skin cancer, and you will be actively working to ensure anti-ageing!

I recommend using organic and eco sun creams to help protect your skin and the planet! There are so many brands which use natural ingredients and use aluminium tins, paper tubes or recycled plastics to store their product.


Avoid peak sun hours

blue sky and sun

Just before midday until early afternoon are usually the warmest hours of the day. Avoid these by keeping cool indoors or sitting in the shade if possible. Even while in the shade, ensure you top up on sun cream regularly and you could bring a hat with you as well for greater protection.



Unidentified woman actor in sun hat and period dress sits waiting by roped-off battlefield during reenactment of battle in the American Civil War (1861-1865)

When you are in the sun, make sure you dress accordingly. I tend to wear either long sleeved tops (if it’s not too hot) or a dress which is of mid length and covers my shoulders and back which regularly burn.

A typical t shirt has an SPF of less than 15! So, make sure to cover up appropriately with a jumper and beach towel.




For me, sunglasses are one of the most important things for hot and sunny weather. I always take my CRANN sunglasses with me on holiday as CRANN use polarised UV400 TAC Lens to protect my eyes from harmful UV rays and harsh sun light. They are also so great for alleviating eye strain and reducing the risk of cataracts, which is so important.

You can also look fashionable while wearing them as they have a whole selection of amazing designs!

These are just a few tips to stay safe in the sunshine! Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.



Beth Lucy

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