As we approach the holiday season, with warmer weather and more travel, it is easy to get distracted by all the fun activities you have planned and forget about your impact on the environment.

Here are some of our top tips to help ensure you have an eco-friendly summer:

Avoid single use plastics at picnics and BBQs.

Children having picnic on meadow in circle

With picnics and BBQs becoming a regular occurrence in the summer, it is important to ensure we can prevent food waste and disposal of plastic wherever possible! I recommend you take your own cutlery, plates and cups to a summer event or opt for sustainably sourced alternatives, such as compostable plates. I would also really recommend swapping out hot dogs and hamburgers for some equally delicious plant-based substitutes!

To prevent food waste, try to share food with the other guests attending the event, take leftover food home to eat later or compost the remainder. Compost bins ensure food decomposes sustainably, by breaking it down into a fertiliser which can be used!


Holiday sustainably.

lake and palms, Mahe island, Seychelles

Having a staycation is the most sustainable way to spend the summer season. Whether you remain at home or stay in your country, holidaying within your local area ensures you save carbon and contribute less to the fossil fuel emissions which come with flying.

If you are planning on going abroad, try to be sustainable in all aspects of your trip, by using trains where possible, taking preloved outfits and eating a vegan or vegetarian diet while away. I recently wrote a blog on how to travel sustainably, so check it out HERE


Reduce your electricity consumption.

British wall double plug socket

With summer comes better weather and longer days, meaning you are less likely to require daytime electricity. Take advantage of the sunshine by opening your curtains earlier and closing them later, meaning you can keep the lights off.

I would also recommend hanging your clothes out to dry on the washing line. Not only will this save you money on your electricity bills, but it is also an environmentally friendly way of drying your clothes.


Get involved in green activities.

Go Green wooden sign with a forest background-1

During the summer holidays, when you have time off work, make sure to spend time doing ‘green activities.’ Most green activities are outdoors. You could go for a hike, join a community clean-up of a park or beach, or even cook outside. If you do decide to cook outside, choose an electric or propane grill as opposed to a charcoal or wood one, which are not as environmentally friendly.


Remember your eco summer essentials


Whether it’s a zero waste eco-friendly swimming costume or ethically produced flipflops, it is so important to remember your sustainable kit for all your exciting summer activities.

Get your eco sunglasses ready too!

There is no other season you will wear your sunglasses in more than summer. It is important to think ahead and purchase yours well in advance to be prepared for the good weather and your travels.

My favourite sunglasses are Crann’s diamant pair in black, which are made from recycled rosewood and recycled walnut! They complement all my clothes so well and are the perfect addition to my eco outfits.  

These are just some of my tips to achieve an eco summer! How will you be spending this season?



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